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Anyone using a SofarSolar ME3000SP inverter
Hi all,

New here, just registered after doing alot of surfing in relation to sing 2nd life batteries as storage solutions, and was drawn here.

I have a 7.5kw solar array, 3.5kw on east elevatio and 4kw on west elevation.

Looking to get into a phase 2 project of battery storage. Ive already got the battery, its a Lifepo4 battery i had prviously used in a Toyota prius plug in hybrid conversion, which i run for 2 years.

I,ve now reconfigured the battery into a 48v 120Ah configuration ready to match up with an AC coupled inverter.

I`ve seen a reasonably priced SoFar Solar mass energy ME3000SPĀ inverter from a few distributers here in the UK, and I was hoping that some members ere using them, and could share their opinions on them, good and bad, on the operation, reliabilty and support on them before I opt in to buying one of them.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I ahve already experimented with the same battery in a DC coupled system using a Solax X hybrid II inverter that worked very well to be honest, except for its innefficiencies, we were loosing too much energy in the charge / discharge process, meaning our generation meter was loosing out, hence loosing FIT.

With an AC copled system like the ME3000SP, the units generated are counted before any charge / discharge has taken place meaning no loss in FIT due to inneficiency, and still getting the energy diverted to the battery after the FIT count but before it escapes down the grid.

If youd like any info on the solax, please ask away.


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