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BMS, or Battery Management System
Types of BMS

There are 2 major types of BMS. There are active and passive. These two types work very much like active/passive balancers, which you can find out more info here: Active Balancing vs Passive Balancing

For BMS units, this goes a little further. The BMS will actually trigger the balancing at set points. On cheap units, it's programmed via hardware (usually resistors). On the more expensive types they can be set in software.
An example of a more expensive BMS that does balancing, is the Batrium. It has boards that are called Longmons that have rows of resistors to burn off excess heat. This is a passive balancer, but it is actively controlled by the BMS. The Batrium can be set when to turn on/off the balancing. However, if the Watchmon (the main unit) is not on, or working, the Longmons can work independently and keep the voltages in check; this would be passive balancing and passive bms.
Cheaper BMS units sold on eBay an AliExpress are normally passive BMS units. They are triggered by a preset value and you have to work within those confines, regardless of what voltage range you would like to build.
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