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TI BQ769X0 Based Monitors - Project thread
(01-14-2019, 03:19 AM)Mikethezipper Wrote: Ok, I'm going to retract my "Won't share till it works" statement , I forgot I'm both not an EE, and not particularly smart.

I have shared the current existing diagram and board in EasyEDA - Note that I have immediately found issues with it - Primarily that the SDA and SCL should go to pins D1 and D2 - also, that I should hook up the Boot (aka T1 pin from the BQ chip) so that the MCU knows if the chip is even on (although I think Regout could do the same trick).

I also learned that the ESP8266 (or ESP8285) can't be powered by REGOUT from t he BQ chip - the datasheet says it should be able to do it, but it doesn't Sad Also, generally best NOT to use the voltage regulator on the BQ chip if you can use a separate chip that can handle more power.
Also, there are ~ 7 different BQ76930 chips  - different chips have different i2c addresses. I was unable to communicate with the chip until I did an i2c scan to figure out that the default 0x18 address is for every chip besides the one I got from LCSC.

When using the libresolar library, it would time-out the esp chip. I had to comment out the section for the bootcheck since it would just time-out the esp chip.
I will be updating the Github with the latest code:
Now I'm having trouble just generally communicating with the chip.

My test setup is an 8s holder hooked up, with the appropriate pins shorted for the BQ. The output is for some reason saying that the Overvoltage and Undervoltage are both tripped, even though that's not possible.

Hopefully I can figure it out on my own, but if anyone wants to help out, you can comment here or the Github.
How can we check the parameters of BMS, whether they are working as you planned or Not?
Such as, Over Voltage Protection, Over-Discharge Protection, etc. Did You create any simulation circuits for this purpose?

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