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German Powerwall 280xLG 18650MJ1 7s40p+ 450Wp Balcony PV System and a small question
my first post here and in this one would like to show you to my new (not yet completely finished) small Lithium Powerwall. Maybe you are interested and motivated to rebuild it (or you are afraid of it and run away ^^).
The storage is used with my small balcony pv system (3 Panels@450Wp total output)
Why Powerwall? Before i used 2x 80Ah AGM batteries (bad buy), that was much too little capacity. During the day constantly full and in the evening empty. 
Now I'm more than happy, I love this system. It's cheap and very powerfull, of course there are some safety issues, but I think it's possible to get it safe.

But I have a Question, maybe someone can help me:
I consider to extend the powerwall with used batteries. 
Is there anything against it? 
Would this affect the lifespan of the new batteries?

Some data about it:
- Will be extended with used batteries
- No balancers yet, on the way from China (QNBBM Active Balancer)
- Installation is still provisional, wait for a load rack.
- Extra Lithium fire extinguisher on the way
- Works extremely good so far, it feels like I have infinite energy  Big Grin  (approx. 5 days.)

Parts list
280x LG 18650 MJ1 @3.5Ah NCA Batteries (NEW)
1x copper wire tinned, 390-561, 0,2 mm, 35SWG, 32AWG, 717m coil (12,50€ on Ebay)
1x 9L Jockel gel fire extinguisher gel extinguisher special extinguisher for lithium ion batteries (119€ Ebay)
1x fields soldering grease acid, 50g i.tin 2,89€ @ amazon (dont use it)
1x Tabinger 60W soldering iron 200°-450°C 10,89€ @ amazon
3x Velidy 18650 battery 4 x 5 cells spacer 9€ @ amazon (cheaper at aliexpress)
1x fields solder wire 1.1.2B / ROM1 Sn60 Pb40, Ø 0.75mm 250g 19,93€ @
2x single core cable, Ø 1.63mm copper tinned, 22 A, 10,8m for 10.39€/piece @

I've some more details on my youtube channel (german):
Hope its no problem to post it.


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