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Cell capacity at different temperatures
I have been doing repeated capacity tests on 2 cells to look for loss of capacity over number of cycles the cells have done
This has been inspired by "generic" on here doing similar testing.
I am using a single tp4056 to charge and a single zb206 to test, so charging and testing should be as consistent as possible.
In Sydney at the momwnt emperatures get fairly cold during the night and warm during the day.
My testing is being done outside the house in an undercover area, so temperatures vary quite a bit depending on the time of day.
I have noticed that the capacity results seem to change with temperature. Tests started at night when it is colder seem to give lower capacity results and tests done during the day seem to give higher results.
Overnight temperatures probably get down to 5 degrees C.
Daytime temperatures are probably around 25 degrees C.
Today's forecast says 3 -19.
Overnight tests might give approximately 1950mah and daytime tests might give approximately 2050mah

My questions are.
Have other people noticed temperature affecting capacity results?
If so, do people try consider this and do testing in controlled conditions?
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