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(08-18-2019, 08:56 AM)100kwh-hunter Wrote: With a overfilled barrel you mean, cells above 4.20 volt?

No, not necessarily 4.2v - that's the very top end of the charge target range, where you need to think about setting your critical cell voltage at (in order to prevent over charging and hence damage)

In the context of this conversation overfilled means reaching a voltage above that which you've set the bypass voltage to - whatever that might be (upto a max of 4.2v dependent on chemistry etc)

(08-18-2019, 08:56 AM)100kwh-hunter Wrote: The longmons make sure that the 250ah pack will not overcharge but give some more to the other packs or starts to bleed some energy.

Bypassing = energy wasted, so the aim should be to minimise it (hence being able to set a lower charge rate when in bypass with a compatable charger) - when some cells are in bypass, the charge rate for all other cells does not increase, so no the system will not "give some more to the other packs"

(08-18-2019, 08:56 AM)100kwh-hunter Wrote: Except when the charge is to much for them?, then the pack will be flooded?

The mons can only bypass a fairly limited, but more than adequate current, that's assuming you thermally manage them by either active cooling or current limiting (either the overall charge rate, or the mons bypass current from within the toolkit) - or both.

(08-18-2019, 08:56 AM)100kwh-hunter Wrote: So in both ends, you would have some energy in storage that is useless?
At the top end it could be even risky to have pack's that are so far away from each other?

I'm not entirely sure what this means - but no energy stored (in a system designed to store energy) can be deemed "useless" - unless you've allowed cells to reach a terminal voltage above your bypass limits, or out with it's safe working parameters - perhaps pointless or dangerous is a better word than useless in that scenario.

If you've got cells "at the top end" and others that are "so far away from each other" - I'll assume you mean in terms of states of charge - in that situation the role of the BMS is to manage the charging system such that those cells which are "at the top" stay exactly "at the top" while allowing all remaining cells to catch up "at the top"
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