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Parts Help
I have the need to set up a security camera, and power is limited. I can get wifi signal to a light pole in the area in question, so im going with an IP6x outdoor camera, not sure which just yet, preferably USB 5v powered. I will mount the camera on a light pole, however, this circuit is photo sensor controlled so it's only guaranteed power from about 9pm to 5am. I will use an 18650 buffer.

Here is where it gets more interesting. If I should opt to go solar to make this more portable, which I would prefer, what is my parts list? I assume a dc to dc converter or controller. I dont yet know if the small panel will be 5v or 12v, so what will i need to ensure i don't overvolt? Do I need a balancer or BMS? Will i need something to keep the panel from leaching off the batteries? I am hoping to fit everything but the camera in a small 9x6x6 waterproof utility box.

Panel > converter/controller > batteries > 2.1 USB port > camera

What if I want to add the AC option for cloudy days, etc? Will I need anything in between in the event solar and AC are providing charge at the same time?

I have no problem making it easier by purchasing a cheap ebay portable charger case (i still need to figure out how much capacity I need). I just need to make sure i have the right usb connection from the panel, but then i might lose my AC power option. I could be overthinking all this as well...

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