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My little grid tied system with tesla batteries
Update: new cabinet für 6 x Tesla model S packs:

Hi @all,

this is my first real post to this board. I read a lot here and come to the conclusion to build my own little
grid tied system ..... but with used tesla model s batteries. I used a Victron Multiplus II with a Simp BMS in combination with a
fronius solar inverter and a 3.5 kw solar array. As pictures say more than 1000 words: here they are Smile




The system works quite will even with the full load of about 5000 V/A. The current draw is more than 100 Amps then but
the components even don't geht warm.

Thanks a lot for all the informations i got from this forum !

greetings from germany

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My little grid tied system with tesla batteries - by stxShadow - 09-09-2019, 02:25 PM

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