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German Powerwall #X (the most western)
Hi Guys,

As I'm not the type of guy to present work, that is not in a certain stage, I waited for my Presentation to the point that at least a minimal system is running.

So now I'm proud to finally present my first Step of a DIY Powerwall from Lithium 18650 Cells.

After around 18 months of learning, struggeling and redoing I now have my PW running for nearly one month without any issue so far.
After one cell exploded in my basement in the beginning, I had to build a small shed outside to keep my home save. I wrote about it earlier.

Although I build my Battreriy packs the same way as most of you, my capacity is not exactly compareable to all your solutions,
because as I only use the cells between 3.5 to 4 Volt  I therefore only checked them for capacity between 3.5 and 4 Volt.
So my first Step is now 14S60P with a capacity of 80AH netto, which means I can fully use this 80Ah and still keep my cells between 4,0V highest and 3,5 V lowest.

I begann with Laptop Batteries from ebay, as a lot of you did, but soon I realized that this is getting far to expensive.
Nearly 2/3 of all cells were not useable anymore. My lowest level was 1000mAh for using though.

Luckily I found a source for e-bike batteries and these are mostly very usefull. It is realy seldom that the cells are kaputt, mostly it was the BMS up to now.
Only draw down is the black flexible mass they are stuck with, but I now think I found a solution for extracting the cells, without destroing them.
I showed that in another thread.

I'm now in building the second step of cell packs but I only have tested around 420 cells and still have to go through at least another 450.
It's still a work in progress as I for example want to add more security items to the system.
For example I added a fan to the shed to suck out the hot air and I added a fresh air channel to my two Inverters, so that they get cool air from outside.
I will evtl. add a cooling cirquit to this air channel if it still gets to warm inside by using the water cirquit from my pool as the pump is directly beside the shed.
I already have a heat exchanger form a VW golf lying arround for this which I plann to put before the fan from outside of the shed
But that is planned as improvment for next year.

I want to thank all of you who supported me on this adventure...

here are some impressions of my solution:

My Shed:

Connecting Cabinett:

My Inverters with Air Supply, Batrium etc.:

And my 1st Battery Bank 14S60P with Batrium Longmons:

My Charging Cabinett: ( blur, but to get the idea)

My Software:

I want to add an additionanl BMV 700 from Victron to the system, because with SolPipLog I can stear charging regarding to the SOC with this BMV.

At the moment only the garden is powered by the system, but when I reach at least 20kWh of Battery Power,
I will try to power my house from the system.
Connections are all established already, so I'm only waiting for enough cells.


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1. Grid-Tie System 09.2017 16,5kWp:  55 x 300Wp BenQ, SMA Tripower 15000-TL30 (18-east/17-south/20-south)
2. Offgrid System 09.2019 7,5 kWp: 25 x 300Wp Solarworld (5x( 3S + 2S )), 2x PIP-5048MS, Batrium WM4, 1st Battery Bank: 840 cells in 14S60P with 80Ah cap in use, 2nd Batterybank 840 cells in14S60P with 90Ah in use, more to be build.

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