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Battery config for Xebra electric car
(11-01-2019, 08:04 PM)Lucan Wrote: Many ebike, hoverboard and electric scooter batteries are 10s, 36V nominal. Why not put 2 10S packs in series for 72V. You could either use off the self packs or build your own. 10S BMS's are also common.

Still would need the quantity of cells.

I was thinking that all packs are parallel packs and the series connect them all together. 280p (if he goes with that size) is a pretty good sized pack. Trying to make that a series in a pack would be hefty.
However, there could be 2 bms units that are connected as in pseudo series, but they would not be able to function as gate keepers to the absolute Pos/Neg connections. It'd be best to have 1 bms that can handle the full run if possible. Less headache and tracing issues down later down the road (pun partially intended Wink )
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