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Powerwall Journey with reused e bike cells ( 20 kwh )
Hello everyone,

first of all something about me. I am here since i saw a youtube video from Peter Metthews and thaught never ever will it be true.
So i got one "dead" ebike battery for free and tested it. Less then 10 % missing power and i thaught  ok i will do it too.  Big Grin

I am not a electrican person,  so i have to learn alot but the house part with all the wires a friend will help me. 
But i want to learn as mutch as i can since i wanted to be electrican in when i was a child. But became programmer Wink

Right now i have 30 kwp Photovoltaik at my roof and a Tesla Powerwall 2 (13,5 kwh) running. I am living in germany and from march to October i am 99 % off grid.


Add a new 10-15 kwp system just to south, for the new battery and to be in the winter also at 70 % off grid.
Building a 20 kwh Battery for storage.

Setup , so far as i read in here , will be done with:

10 kw 3 phase hybrid MPPT Inverter 48 V 
Rack to store all the batterys

How it looks like right now:

Tools i made myself:

Thanks to average joe

Questions right now are : 

My Rack is 80 cm long, 60 cm witdh and 100 cm high. What is the best setup for the Batterys. i dont wanna waste alot of space in the rack.  I could make a shelf and make them close to 240p = around 60 cm length. idk so far what will be the best way.

I wanna build a very "safe" system since it will run in my cellar. So i just would like to get the batterys charged and discharged with 500 mA and not more.  

If i understood in the mppt manual i can set the current and need to calculate my battery that i will just charge and discharge my system by 500mA . Is this true ? 

Happy to be here

If there is a chat somewhere i can ask questions and google alot i also would like to know. 


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