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[BUYING] Packs for Harvesting (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
(01-22-2020, 10:50 PM)CFzone Wrote: I'm looking to buy any packs you have so I can harvest the cells. Laptop packs, modem packs, tool packs, anything is fine. I would prefer if you were local (I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada), so I can pick up. I can pay around $1 per pack. 

Thanks in Advance  Big Grin

- Justin
I hate to burst your bubble, but $1 a pack is what a lot of sellers here are paying for their packs. Nobody's gonna sell packs that cheap as a reseller, especially if it's canadian.

I can buy laptop batteries at my recyclers for anywhere from $1-2 a pound, depending on the cell type and quality. This means a battery pack ususally ends up working out to $1 a pound, my cost. Since I don't do things for free, I would typically end up selling the battery packs for $4-5 a pound after shipping, taxes, ect.

If you want packs that cheap, I suggest doing what a lot of other powerwall members have done. google "recycling centers" in your area and physically drive to as many as you can and ask with cash in hand to buy battery packs, and how much they will be willing to sell them for. Get a price quoted by the pound or Kilogram, since you are buying scrap batteries.

Soucrce: A few years ago I used to sell dead laptop batteries. I switched to selling computer parts instead since the profit margins were much higher.

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