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1973 Leyland Mini S to EV Conversion
(01-29-2020, 12:05 PM)ajw22 Wrote: Maybe Nissan Leaf/e-nv200 modules are better suited?
- Less volatile chemistry, but at the expense of energy density
- better passive cooling(?), no need(or possibility) of liquid cooling
- smaller individual modules, more space efficient when stashing into various nooks like fuel tank space, around the motor, under the seats, etc.
- more BMS choices

Care to shed some light on what you're aiming for, in terms of performance, range, 2nd life batteries?  Hot rod or something more practical?
I like the size of the Tesla batteries, the best possible density and C rating is key. 
BMS is a no brainer for me Tongue 

(01-29-2020, 12:06 PM)The Kilowatt Challenge Wrote: Nice one Pete... This'll be fun to watch, are you planning on filming your progress?  :-)
 In great detail Smile 

(01-29-2020, 06:40 PM)Oddball Wrote: Oddball here. Have you got a chassis weight goal? What does it weigh now? Are you building for comfort or milage? Light wheels and tires are always a big and easy savings. Trade all interior  items for a couple of fiberglass race seats on light brackets. These are items I would have on my hunt down/wish list. What type of motors are you planing?
I have no goals other than be able to drive it to get bread n milk! Everything else is a bonus. But I do want it safe, well finished, reliable & reproducible
(01-30-2020, 08:06 AM)100kwh-hunter Wrote: One word: N I C E .
I have the same idea with a fiat 126, good luck, i will follow this one with a close eye.
Fiat 126 sounds like a neat project!
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