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LG ESS 189AH 48V 9.8kwh from BatteryHookup
Hi All,

Newbie and first time poster here.  I know a bunch of the LG ESS 189AH 48V batteries were sold, but I haven't seen many people posted about them.  I know w0ss on this forum is working on one.     Has anyone had luck communicating with the LG BMS?   How are these batteires being deployed, please share!.

My plan:

Fully Off Grid system in my garage for charging my 30kwh Nissan Leaf (just bought a 2016 SL with 37k miles and 85% battery capacity for 11k.  Great deal in my book.  I just use primarily for intercity commuting.)

I can fit up to 12 - 60 cell panels on the roof of my garage.      So figuring 300watt panels I can have up to a 3.6kw array.   

The LG ESS is 9.8 kwh nominal.         I would like to charge my leaf during the day when sun is out when possible from panels, but I get home when it is dark most days, so will have to charge the leaf off of the LG battery.

The MPP inverter/chargers look pretty good for this application.     I can charge LEAF at 110v or 220v, I guess 220 would be ideal for speed but 110 would preserve Leaf batteries longer.   


1) Best way to connect LG ESS to BMS and then to inverter/charger.
2) Best inverter/charger setup for this application.
3) If grid ever does go down in my house I would run extension cord from garage to plug in critical load such as my refrigerator. 
4) Other things I should consider?

Thanks all!

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