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Outback charge controller not using all of the arrays volts
(06-05-2020, 01:24 AM)Doin it Wrote: Yes red I understand all of that.. the controller should still give me max volts (100vmp) if they are available and max amps (36imp).. for instance my controller will show 36amps at max when panels can supply 36amps,  but will not allow input from array voltage over the difference between 150v and battery voltage when controller is trying to draw max power from the array
Sorry but you don't seem to be understanding how your gear works or taking in what we're explaining.
I can't see anything wrong. Both the panels & the controller seem to be doing their jobs just fine.

Last attempt to help:
Do you have one of those non-contact laser pointer temperature meters?
If so can you please wait until late morning or middle of a sunny day & measure the cell temps of your panels.
Please also advise the ambient air temperature at the same time.
Please also take a pic of the screen of the FM60 at the same (ish) time while the controller is doing bulk charging.
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)

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