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Outback charge controller not using all of the arrays volts
Ok at this point I figured everyone reading would know I’m referring to 48v nominal and 60v nominal... 60v nominal is the max battery the outback can charge and the best array Vmp for that battery to insure the most optimal-most efficient mpp voltage is achieved for that battery is 80-90v.. yes 80-90v is the most efficient mpp voltage for the 60v battery.. it is shown in the graphs that if there is an input voltage higher that the controller becomes less efficient..
so if anyone can follow that, it means that for a 60v nominal battery don’t use an array over 90v or efficiency will suffer and less losses..
yes the outback says an array can be used up to 150v max.. I wouldn’t recommend that array over 80-90v is used for best efficiency for the max nominal battery voltage the controller can charge... again the graphs show to only use an array voltage high enough to achieve the most efficient mpp voltage. So again for the most efficient setup use a do not use a combined voltage (nominal battery + array Vmp) over 150v for the max battery 60v battery the controller can charge.. for a 48v battery the combined number is lower than 150v and as I described the combined number for a 48v nominal battery is more like roughly 123v any higher than 123v combined is less efficient..thinking of it this way gets ppl away from thinking that using a 120v array (instead of a 75v array Vmp) for a 48v nominal battery is Just as efficient . using a 120vmp array will be less efficient than a 75vmp array, the graphs show this.. since using a 120v array is less efficient than using a 75v array that means that a person will receive less percentage of power from there array...
So for me I shouldn’t have a combined voltage over 150v and no one with a battery voltage lower than 60v nominal should have a combined voltage over 150v either, as a matter of fact they should have a much lower combined voltage than 150v for best efficiency when using the 48v nominal battery

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