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Batrium and Conext integration
(07-01-2020, 06:01 AM)400bird Wrote: Batrium did respond to my email. Yes, Schneider is still "on the to do list" so to say.

But, the bridge functionality was integrated into the Conext Gateway. When Batrium gets around to it, they will likely use the gateway as the point of integration with they system.

How do you like the 6848+? It is great on paper, but if feel like most people around the internet think Victron or one of the other names is a better choice. But, I believe the Schneider fits my needs better than the others.

My permit is for a 6848 pro, gateway, and mini power distribution panel. Using the mini power distribution panel, I can run the solar directly there, instead of AC coupling at the critical loads panel.

We'll see how well that plan sticks as I work through the slow build.
@400bird So far so good with the XW+. My solar is AC coupled as I'm using Enphase M250/IQ7 microinverters. 39 panels. Just turned the XW+ on last Sunday. Trying to get Batrium to balance out my Leaf module packs. Couple weird things with the XW+ is it exits absorption charge well before the 180 minute limit and the inverter goes from grid support into AC Passthru 0.5 volts above recharge voltage setting as if it's in load shave mode. Overall, it's working well though. I'm limited on space so I built my own micro-PDP using all the active components found in the mini-PDP.

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