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A123 26650 BMS
Ok had a question on a BMS for A123 batteries. The battery i'm building is for a trolling motor in a canoe, it is going to be a 4s battery but not sure on the BMS i should use.

(thread on what I'm doing in the solar charge forum) 

the batteries I'm using are..

And the BMS i was looking at was..

So just a few questions, will that BMS work for those batteries? The batteries are listed as 3.3v with a nominal V of 3.25 +/- .05v (average 3.2v) and the bms is listed for 3.2v. so just wanted to make sure that this BMS will work.

Second question is wiring up the charge on the BMS. The BMS has 2 different neg for load and charge, C- and P- what i want to do basically is create a battery with 2 terminals like how a normal trolling motor/car battery is set up. So the positive side terminal will have both C+ and P+ directly from the + battery. But the neg side has to go to the BMS and there is 2 tabs to solder wires, the P- and C-. can I have both the P- and C- go directly to the neg terminal? Or do i have to have a dedicated charging connection, so the p- goes to the terminal and c- has to be the connection for charging?

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