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A123 26650 BMS
Thanks for the feedback, I did find one that was a 50A rated that can be wired up in both split or common port. so hopefully the heat wont be a problem with having a little overkill on the amp rating. But because of what I'm using this for this year I dont think it will be an issue. I'm going to be camping/fishing up in MN and where we are camping there is no power. So I have a bunch of solar panels to recharge the batteries. My old setup that I have used in the past was a lead acid walmart trolling battery, and it worked great except for the weight. But whenever i have camped in a no electricity area I have always been very conservative on the battery. As in never going full speed on the trolling motor to conserve battery power/ shorten recharge time. Speed setting 3 vs 5 on the trolling motor does not have that much difference in actual travel speed in the canoe anyway. So other then maybe doing a test to see how warm it gets I will stick with never going full speed for this year. And if it does get to hot at full speed then I know I will need to upgrade the BMS, because the years I camp in areas that have power and easily recharging.. its full power! lol

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