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Daier 5s 50A BMS. I have doubts...
I am building a 20v battery pack for my newly-to-build electrical outboard motor. I am using 3, 18V 208W motors, for a total of 624W @ 34.7A max.

The battery pack is a 5s, 20p pack made from recovered 18650. All-in-all pretty standard, although I am new to all this. :-)

So I purchased a 5s BMS from ebay: "
daier 5S 50A w/Balance 3.7V 18650 Lithium Battery Cell PCB BMS Protection Board". See images below for further reference.

As far as I can tell this should be the correct BMS, but when I received the item and seeing it was only the size of a credit card, I got concerned. How in the world can 30+ amps run through this tiny board??

Am I missing something? Or is this indeed not the correct board to use, or do I misunderstand something else? Before I do all the work to hook things up, I want to make sure I'm not screwing upĀ  Big Grin

Thanks for the help


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Daier 5s 50A BMS. I have doubts... - by morningcoffee1 - 07-15-2020, 08:12 PM

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