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[CLOSED] West Europe NEW Amazing Lifepo4 Cells of the A123 Lithium
Hello All
Now we have a lot of new A123 Pouch Lifepo4 cells in The Netherlands. We only will sell to the people and companies in West Europe . 
No international delivery. Cells are all new in wrapped packs , 67Ah is Lifepo4 and 20Ah is Ultraphosphate  Lifepo4.

Ultraphosphate has a very limited quantity , the main market is LV Starter Batteries. 67Ah Lifepo4 cells are in HUGE quantity and main
the market is High Voltage Electric Bus/Heavy Duty V.

These cells are tested as 20Ah and 67Ah in 0.5C , 0.5C discharge in 25Degrees celsius.

Minimum order is 8 cells. Price per cell is.
20Ah Lifepo4 : Euro43.6/cell
67Ah Lifepo4 : Euro40.2/cell

Ultraphosphate is special for Cold Cranking current and can be CHARGED below freezing point -20Celcius.

Delivery :
You can get an appointment and drive to our Rotterdam Warehouse to pick up.
Or for delivery in West Europe you check delivery cost from Rotterdam pick up.  ( Delivery cost will be on buyers side )

Companies can have credit , Private persons transfer via Bank Transfer.
We plan to publish in Ebay if you preffer more secure payment. ( any other portal advice is welcome. )

A123 is owned by Wanjiang Group. A123 and MIT are the inventors of Ultra and NanoPhosphate in Lifepo4 cells . They mark their Lifepo4 cells as LFE Wanjiang and UltraPhosphate and Nanophosphate Lifepo4 cells as A123 LFE. It is under guarantee that you can return in 15 days if they are  not in the guaranteed capacity.


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