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I already have solar, how do I add batteries?
(09-22-2020, 06:51 AM)joeparker73 Wrote: The first thing to be aware of (and not a lot of people know this) is that you are allowed to have a panel array with a peak power up to 133% of your inverter’s rated peak power.

If you have a 1.5kW inverter, you can have up to 2kW of panels attached.
If you have a 3kW inverter you can have up to 4kW of panels attached.
If you have a 5kW inverter you can have up to 6.65kW of panels attached.

And if you don’t go over the 133%, you can claim the solar rebate (STCs) on those extra panels which will cover a big chunk of their of their cost (excluding installation costs and installer margin).

3kW of panels will generally only produce 80% (2.4kW) of their rated peak power due to losses.

4kW of panels, after losses will produce a peak power of 3.2kW. A 3kW inverter will safely clip this down to 3kW. So you are only losing 0.2kW of power. And that is only for a couple of hours each side of midday on a summer’s day. In the mornings, evenings and winter the peak power will be way less than the rated 3kW of thew inverter.

So oversizing your inverter by 133% is a good way to squeeze more energy from it.

Two big caveats here are that:

1)Unless your original solar installer does the upgrade you will void your existing system warranty.
2)It depends on your installer finding the same or very similar panels to your existing ones.

Just to keep in mind!
Thanks! I oversized my inverter to be able to easily add more panels in the future. I installed the panels myself, and bought them through the company I work at. However, as we're still heating with gas instead of heatpumps and have no A/C it is not yet needed to place more panels. Also: I'm not in the states. No clue what an STC is.

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