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Dragonfly 48v, 10Kw Build
Okay I guessed I better start a build thread, so far I have 2 x EA Sun 5kw Inverters, still waiting fr the Parallel kit that was part of the kit but dispatched separately.

Waiting for My BMSs that are somewhere on route from China

Also waiting for 3 of my 4 "inital" battery packs.

So lets start with the battery packs. Each Pack is a Sonnen 96v 2.7kwh battery back

So while I'm waiting for my other parts, I'm going to reconfigure these to 48v. It looks like the main BMS was on a separate PCB under the front cover, this has now been removed. Which leaves me with the main feed PCB (96V) and the PCB connections to the LifePO4 packs. I intend to remove these as it will leave me with less unknowns, and hence less chance of a cock up.

They are all connected with pads spot welded with 4 spots. Several of these connections, to the main supply board, and one connection to each joining plate for the packs. Is the easiest method to carefully drill out the four spots welds? Note the welds aren't to batteries, they are just PCB to metal plate.
I've now removed the BMS board (unclip and a few plugs), then removed the main supply board (drilled out spot welds on PCB)

However cutting the longer plate at the other end, turned out to be a little more complicated as it has a copper bar running along the edge that I hadn't noticed before. So I need to find a more humane way for cutting down the flat copper bar that is tucked into the plastic edge.

I was planning to parallel up both sides, with one BMS, however for some reason I thought that the packs next to each could be parallel, but it is fairly obvious when you think about it, they are reversed, so that they are facing opposite ways. I've also tested with a multi-meter. 

I'm sure I can produce  some wiring to join opposite sides of each cell pack for the BMS wiring, but I'll have to think about the best method. I'm open to suggestions, as at the moment cell1 on the first pack is at the opposite end to cell1 on the second pack. It might just be easier to run it as 2 packs, but that means splurging on twice many BMS. If I was to join them how what sort of gauge wire would I be looking at between each of the parallel cells. Not the main 48v wires, but the wires joining 8p section to 8p section, for the BMS and balancing etc.
I got a little bit more progress done in the "Sub Station" as my Dad has nick named it

I also got the Generator moved in aswell.

(10-30-2020, 04:13 PM)dragonfly Wrote: I also got the Generator moved in aswell.

Did you install the Gas or Propane Generator indoors?
Yes the generator is indoors, under the stand there is a large drop vent, for the propane tank, and the exhaust also vents outside, or atleast will when I connect it. It is also an outbuildings, that will have fans fitted for the summer heat, so these can also be turned on when the generator is running if I feel it is a problem.
Generators are typically not placed indoors because of the increased risk Carbon Monoxide and other failures.
Even in a non-residential dwelling.

I have seen people have them outside then build a covering over them that could be removed so that they are not in home.

Home insurance companies would want to know of this install also.

Well Be Safe.
Round here you have them inside or they disappear, the building is a secure building for that reason, but it has essentially been built to house, batteries, inverters, switchgear and the generator. Certain considerations were made when building, like the drop vent, and extra ventilation. However thanks for the concern. I guess different places, different rules, and different ways.
Many people have generators inside but of course exhaust must be 100% sealed and outside and i highly recomend a meter that warns if there is a leak including venting!
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