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Modify cccv charger 1200w
i have this cccv module from china:
I think it's very common.
There are trimmer potentiometers to adjust the voltage and the current.  Unfortunately the central ic is sanded down...
Did anybody ever manage to make/mod it to be digitally controlled? I was thinking about to replace the pot with a digital pot but maybe there is another way...
Maybe find images of similar boards & study those?
If you count the pins, you might be able to do a package search in eg mouser, digikey, etc to narrow down the parts?

By careful measurements when running you may be able to figure out voltages/current at the trimmers.
Maybe adjust to output #1 state, measure.
Adjust to output #2 state, measure again.
Step control between the above might be achieved with a mosfet putting a resistor in parallel with the right trimmer pins.
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)

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