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Newbe Needs Help
I am new to solar power and I'm setting up 2 systems on the farm. The environment is diverse and spread across two different properties.

What is am starting with is two projects.
   1. Setting up lighting and a 2.5 amp water heater in one out building.
   2. Installing a solar system on a year round cabin.

On the first system I am using a single 100 watt solar panel with a built in controller, a 1500 watt inverter and a single Valance U27-12XP LiFePO4 battery.

The second system I am using 4 100 watt solar panels with a 30A controller and a 3000 watt inverter with 3 Valance U27-12XP LiFePO4 batteries. My question is do I need a BMS for the 3 Valance U27-12XP batteries and if so what would people recommend?

Thanks for the help. I am trying to modernize the farm.
I believe that the Valance batteries have BMS's already. d
later floyd

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