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tin solder
What is your preferred solder?
I've bought 3 on aliexpress and two local.
All 5 had different characteristics.
What would be your coise?

Thanks in advance
I use Kester 24-6337-0027 Solder Roll, Core Size 66, 63/37 Alloy -
I don't need to prepare or flux or anything - just solder directly with 100w iron.   My oldest packs are 3yrs  and the solder has not corroded or caused any long term issues.
Use 60/40 rosin core based standard solder. I use 300W high perf soldering pen with heavy duty copper tip. It makes sure i only need 1 second to solder and nothing else.
100+watt is generally needed and a tip that have big mass. I dont buy tin on ébay like sites. Thats something i buy from proper vendors so i get proper stuff! Its such a difference.

You should never have to grind on the cells.

I have done videos showing how easy it should be to solder. Heat, tinn and then it flows directly.
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Here's a good run down of solder types:

And flux

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