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Sailor from Boot Key says "howdy"
Hello everyone. Toby here. I just brought my diy powerwall online on my 1988 46ft catamaran sailboat. It's a 4s200p 800 cell total battery pack that I keep at 15.8v. I am on a mooring ball owned by the city of Marathon, Florida. I charge this up with 3 sunpower 320 watt panels. Victron solar controllers, and a victron bmv-712 battery monitor. I am getting 36 amps in during the day currently. I run a 220v 800 watt victron inverter that runs a 32 inch tall fridge. I also run an 12v Adler Barbour separate freezer unit. Both run 24 hours a day. They draw around 5.8 amps each. I only lose about .75v a night. Love it. Tons of power and I only paid $340 for the battery! This site rocks btw. Glad to be here
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Welcome to Lithium anonymous international branch

I didn't see a BMS mentioned on your system. It should have a BMS. I assume it is an 18650 based system so minimum of 400AH? 4.8kWh to 8.4kWh?
The freezers compressors probably don't run 24/7. only intermittently to maintain temperature.
Excellent components victron is top of the line.

later floyd
I currently am not running a bms. I have an eBay 60a bms/balancer from the electronic mall that I have not hooked into the battery bank yet. Is this a good bms? It's the burnt orange one. I also purchased the 4a balancer only from the electric car parts company out of Utah. However when I hooked it up as per instructions, it got hot and fried one of the modules. This despite only having a difference of .1v between each 200 cell module. I don't quite understand that.
A link to the bms/balancer ? Hard to say if it is good or not without information. same with the 4A balancer.
later floyd

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