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[SOLVED] SimpBMS-VE.CAN-Victron Cerbo GX - communication setup
Helllo Folks.

I am trying to get the communication between SimpBMS and the CerboGX to work.

Does anybody know anything about this?

I know and did that:
Connect both devices with a standard RJ-45 Ethernet cable, and at the Cerbo GX use a terminator in the second available port. Done!

But what's the next step, so that the Cerbo will recognize SimpBMS/Battery? So far my user interface from the Cerbo does not show a Battery. Seems I am missing a step?

The manual V0.22 refers to configure the GX device to 500kbps, so that the data from SimpBMS can be received. I did not find such settings-option in the Cerbo menu as of now.

In the "Settings" menu under "Services" are the CAN-Bus settings. For some reason the Cerbo shows CAN-bus(1) and CAN-bus(2). Here the settings were at 250 for CAN-bus(1), changes to 500 as suggested in the manual, and the SimpBMS shows.

Remaining question:
Why does the Cerbo show 2 can bus settings? Is each VE.CAN port a standalone, or are the two VE.BUS ports the second port shown under settings?
check this:

2 strings of 55kwh MEB VAG batteries,
each with a SIMPbms on a VE-CAN port of the Cerbo GX device
meant to be connected to a 3 phase 15kVa Victron Quattro set-up
if using only one VE-CAN port, the unused port should be closed with the blue terminator plug (120 Ohm )

since the MEB platform is not fully operational in SIMPbms,
BMW Csc modules were used.

pro-LOX, Carel Hassink, 
Obdam, Netherlands
36Kw ESS, 320 Yuasa LEV40 cells
14.2Kwp Ciggs solar panels, 2 Goodwe 3phase inverters
SMA SI 8.0 single phase + controls, REC BMS

second life ev/phev li-on batteries
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