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My second revival project?
I'm onto my second project reviving an old battery.
I was giving a 18v 3ah ridgid battery pack, all cells are pretty dead, 0.01-0.03v, and as such the charge will not detect the battery pack.
From my last revival project hover battery pack (which you all helped me with), i was able to charge each cell from the PCB board, using the j00X points.essay writer

However, this setup is a bit different, since its not all in series, but pair in parallel as well - this is new territory for me.
I've taking the outer shell off and now have the board exposed. Points of contact seem to be CL0-CL5 (similar to the J00x).
Would i take a similar approach and solder the cheap charger (i'm using an old 2 cell usb power bank board) to the CL points, in hopes of bringing a pair up to voltage so the charger can detect it?

Any information would be appreciated.

Same way forward. 3ah in paralell i guess its 2p then. And 18v is 5s so its a 5s2p? 10 cells in the pack?
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