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lightweight electric lawn mower

Not sure if this is the right thread.

I need  recommendations for lightweight electric lawnmower please.  I'm looking for something under £100 (can't really afford expensive one [Image: icon_sad.gif] ).  There are lots of good and bad reviews for the same item on amazon etc so I can't really decide [Image: confused.gif]

Many thanks.

I have almost everything of them regarding gardening tools.
Can highly recommend.
Here in canada we have the Mastercraft Brand from Canadian Tire and I have their 40V 19" wide cut lithium powered lawnmower.  It's nice and light and collapses down to a small size.  was $299 CAD and is a very nice lawnmower.  brushless design that will speed up if it encounters thick grass and I can cut for about an hour on a charge
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We use the garden cart - - all the time for couple of years now.  Named it 'Darlene' because we had a gas version a while back that we named 'Dale' - so Dale and Darlene.   Also the weed wacker...  they share the same battery.

i'm eyeing the lawmowers as well but my gas one is now 26yrs old and starts up every year with no problem so far....   kind of whish it would die.    Who knew a simple gas lawn mower would work year after year for 26yrs and counting.....

Greenworks seems pretty solid so far.
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