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4s Motorcycle Battery
Building a small pack for an ATV that charges at 14.5v <1000mah. Some are building packs w/o a BMS which I am not keen on. Can a safe 4s really be safely used in this situation. I ordered BMS, but wanted to see what the trend is in the community.

Thanks again for all the help.
It depends on what bms you have ordered and how many amps you'll be pulling.
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I bought a 10a and a 20 for testing, but do I even need a BMS? I can;t imagine no, but some are doing this. Found one guy who put the balance cable on then removes for annual balance charge. lol
Yes you need One. You also need to understand current. 10a bms wont start your atv.

Best is to do LiFePo4.. also note that just because its doable doesnt justify that its the right way. Me for instance Still run la in most of My vehicles as starter battery... Or LiFePo4. I dont have anyone with liion Smile
Neither less. I would never run a system. Without bms that doesnt do balanced charging and protection
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