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Another DIY Powerwall in Germany (15 kWh)
(04-26-2018, 07:44 AM)Chicken Wrote: Hi!

New monitoring link for all of you interested:

Powerwall just keeps running and running and running without any issues, getting close to 1 year now.

best regards,

Love this project! The web monitoring is so cool!

Could you tell us more about the combined heat and power plant (BKHW Leistung)? Never heard of that before.

Those squire bloks li ion can be used perfectly, only watch out for the plus and minus side!!!!!
The outside of those cells is PLUS.....
Check per battery(ebike bat) what their capacity is, and check from there, than there SOH.
They are very good in my opinion/experience.
I would love to have 1000s of them.

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