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Glubux's Powerwall
The control pilot signal is a 1kHz +12v/0v on the small board, it works on most EV but Tesla need a +12v/-12v signal for extra safety Wink
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Hello (ou bonjour, au choix 8-))

I've been following this thread for quite some time, it's marvelous.

Now I have questions, because I'll be building a quite similar system in a few month (new house being built), the main difference should be I'll use Leaf modules and Leafmon.

I've seen 24 panels (7.4 kWp), is that still your current setup?
37 kWh of charge in a day is with these 24 panels?

I read you're offgrid, do you think such setup would work grid-tied?
I mean using the grid if needed (because of only 20kWh of storage - one Leaf pack) but with NO injection at all.

I'll be going the Quattro way because it has two AC inputs (one for grid, one for the PHEV) and it's supposed to be able to be set up with no injection to grid.
And because it "just works" 8)
Hello Klug !

You're right, for now I have 7.4kWp of solar and my records are around 37 kWh on a single sunny day but don't expect that every day, especially when it's cloudy.
This setup would perfectly work with the grid without injection, that is the easiest way to recharge it if needed and you don't have to change anything with your electricity company.

One thing I don't get is about your PHEV, you want to use it to run your system? as a backup?

The simulation (PVGIS) says I'll be able to get a bit more than 30 kWh in june, july and august with 5.4 kWp of solar, I might be much southern that you are.

The 2019 PHEV in its higher version (Insight) has an integrated inverter that is able to deliver 1500W of power (they say it can deliver that for 50+ hours when its battery is full and its tank too). So yes, the idea is to be able to use it as a backup (no grid, empty batteries), with a simple design so anyone can plug it in (this is WAF related, she wants to be able to deal with it if I'm not there).

We intended to do the same with our previous car (Lexus) but it's more complex as it needs an intermediate inverter (there's one APC that does the job perfectly). And we replaced the Lexus by the PHEV faster than expected.

I'm near Aix-en-Provence I have 6.6kW or solar panels (18*370W) and my max is 36 kWh a day if those numbers can help you.
My panels tilt is only 17° and I think I would produce more with 34°.
@Glubux Do you charge your EV during night ?
If yes, how do manage to not use your powerwall to charge your Tesla ?
(09-20-2019, 09:53 AM)Lagachette Wrote: ..... how do manage to not use your powerwall to charge your Tesla ?

I suspect he does occasionally use stored energy to charge his EV, I do exactly the same with mine - if the vehicle needs charging, it gets charged, whatever time of day it is - only charging when the sun is shining is impractical.
I avoid to charge at night when not necessary, less stress on the powerwall, and if I have to charge from the grid (winter, cloudy week...), I just plug the EVSE on the dedicated plug.
I made 14 kWh more during lockdown  Big Grin

Everything is still working flawlessly  Cool
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Un grand malade !

Next step : enlarge the shelter Big Grin
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Wow, what a massive read to see how things have grown... I'm just at the stage of having a 57ah lead acid battery to run my 20watt LED lights and stereo in my garage (Man shed).
Currently I'm collecting cells, testing and getting ready for my build.
True inspiration.
Thanks Smile
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