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Opus BT-C3100 v2.2 Issues?
I bought a Opus BT-C3100 v2.2 and have been using it on the Discharge Refresh mode at 500mA for over 2 weeks with no issues at all.
Last night, I switched up to 1000mA on the Discharge Refresh mode, with 4 healthy 18650's and this morning came in to find that the supplied 12V/3A power supply had stopped working.

I've contacted the eBay seller for a replacement under warranty, but wanted to ask the community if anyone else has had any similar issues with this unit? Or am I just the unlucky guy? :!:

YEP! had one of mine blow 6 power supplies in six days - cut all the plug leads off attached to 12v rail of a computer psu and I'm golden and only one power point and none of those crap assed US to Aussie adaptors to deal with.
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I run all of my C3100 and 4S chargers off an ATX computer power supply. The included power adapters were getting a little too warm for my liking.
And have you read this:

I presume the power supply is the same under-powered unit as the v2.2 you have.

I've run mine on 1000mA and had no problems but maybe I got a lucky.

Cheers, Paul
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Thanks for the replies guys. I think I will go with the ATX power supply too Smile

I Always keep atx powersupplys they are handy for al kind of projects.
You can get 12v 5v 3,3v out of them with a lot of amps.

Great suggestion on the atx psu. I run 4 of these opus with the included supplies no problems. Think ill switch to an atx.

Another note, anyone opened one of these up, do they have a pot to calibrate voltage?
Wanted to check to sync all my units, just havnt bothered yet.

I post this here rather than creating another thread about BT-C3100, if needed I can move it.

I recently got 2 BT-c3100 v2.2 to test capacity for my powerwall project and I found the readings a bit weird.
I didn't noticed it first testing 2800-3000 mAh battery, given capacity of 1500 to 2800 seemed good, but I retested some old Samsung 26H I previously tested with a copy Imax b6 months ago (a lot were 2400-2500 on Imax) and now I got 2600-2700 at 1amp with these BT-C3100, more than the rated capacity of theses old cells.

I'm a bit confused about the readings of theses chargers, I checked the discharge current with my multimeter and got 0.78-0.9Amp fluctuating for 0.999-1Amp given at the charger screen. 
Can I assume the charger discharge below the rating it's supposed but think he's in the range and give a false capacity ?
I haven't found anyone with this concern with v2.2.A
Current setup: 21x 215wc poly, 7.5kWh 7s 18650, PIP 2424msxe.
One oddity of the BT-C3100 is that it discharges down to 2.8V rather than the usual 3v that the Imax B6 does. So you should always get a higher capacity with of them.
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Thx Paul,

I know that, but does it make sense to gain 10% capacity from 3V to 2.8V ? According to my little knowledge it's juste a few % max.

I checked again and my two units charges between 0.84 to 0.89Amp when the screen show .999-1.001. But this don't affect the tested capacity as it's during charging. 
During the discharge process it's almost the same, around 0.87 to 0.91Amp for around 1Amp at screens.

So is it seems like a calibration problem, as it's almost the same rating during charge or discharge process, a week power adapter will only affect the charging. Am I right ?
Current setup: 21x 215wc poly, 7.5kWh 7s 18650, PIP 2424msxe.

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