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Opus BT-C3100 v2.2 Issues?
Slipkn67, It is a known overheating problem. The charger pauses when overheating.

Put an 80mm PC cooler fan on top of it. I did that and no pausing.
Here is a trace of the Foxnovo and Opus C/D/C cycle.

Foxnovo first. You can see how linear the C and D traces are.

And the Opus obviously completely different.

I have the Fan mod 3d printed and will be installing 80mm X 80mm X 10mm fans into my 3 Opuses (or is it Opy) and see if it makes a difference
For Info Google Drive

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 [Image: em2566%20(1)__19172.1521541365.jpg?c=2]

Not your average Wolf       
I'm not a big fan of 80mm fans Big Grin
I prefer 120mm gentle typhoons, best fans ever made. Do we have 120*120*25mm fan mod 3d printer files in the community for the opus?

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