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A possible version of bus bars
Hi guys,

just want to give an advise/idea for possible bus bars.
I've got some shilding braid (shilding wires inside of cables). Thinner is 4,4 square millimeters and thicker is 8,8 square millimeters.
Look at pictures:

See you...
Great looking idea how ever if your using blue cells I'll require you to turn them so they are nice and clean facing out. Smile lol
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I've got a whole box of this braid, it is also called earth grounding straps. There are also battery interconnect cables (lead acid battery banks) that are just thick braid.

The real test of any cable is how warm it runs during charging and discharging.
See resistance converts electricity to heat.
Nice, is it easy to solder?
Glubux Wrote:Nice, is it easy to solder?
Yes, it is easy to work with but one needs a little bit higher temperatures because of the bigger mass. I use usualy 400 °C on my solder.
You do not need to cut in the long direction, not to hammer it flat, not to prepare it with solder and etc...
Just cut it in pieces of required lenght and use it.
I really want to use this method in my future builds of battery modules.

Hi Bigben

Nice idea are the bus bars flexible or stiff?

Lux_Gamer Wrote:Hi Bigben

Nice idea are the bus bars flexible or stiff?

Hi Lux,

they are flexible - that is the first status. After soldering the places with solder get stiff and it is good, because the whole construction get stable after soldering and is not droping down - it would cause shortage if it would fall down.

And now almost the last step in processing the moduls: crimping terminals

This is my module - it is like Petes, he has also 80 cells in his module - but my has another orientation, it is almost square

And finaly I will put red and black shrink tube over the connector wires and connect them all togheter.

See you...
Are you aware of what will happen when the pos/neg terminals meet ?
Sean Wrote:Are you aware of what will happen when the pos/neg terminals meet ?

After a brief but intense hookup they will get married. Then things will really heat up. Big Grin

On a more serious note, as long as the fuses are sized correctly he's fine.

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