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A possible version of bus bars
Sean Wrote:Are you aware of what will happen when the pos/neg terminals meet ?

Yes, sir! I`m absolutely aware!
But I have to document my working flow and there is the moment where the pos. and neg. terminals are naked and uncovered.
Therefore I wrote above I have to put shrink tubes on them. For sure one have to isolate the terminals.

Hi folks,

here is not the final state of my battery but the slow approximation to the infinite target Wink

The next version will get shorter cross connections - 16 cm instead of 21 cm now. That will be enough.
And yes, the first pack has different colors of cell. Guess why? Exactly, I did't have any right color to repaint them... :lol:

Anyway, now its time to use the battery to harvest sun energy. It will go into my power shelf.


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