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Hi From Manchester, UK

Im Nathan, from manchester and im starting along the journey of building a powerwall, without even a solar installation to charge it. Its going to be a long journey but im interested in learning about the process of putting it all together to keep my mind active.

A big part of this project for me is to develop the processes and improve upon what the community already does. In mind from a Battery Life Management perspective, I am designing a system which will charge/discharge/charge the batteries. The system will log these details to a databases so I can check the detailed health of the battery each time it passes through manual charging.

From there we will track the battieries in there packs, which will each have control electronics (again designed in-house) to detect and report high temperature, low/high cell voltage and automatically disconnect them from the system if required and certain parameters are exceeded.

I would like the system to be as modular as possible, with disconnected packs being able to be swapped out whilst the system is live, but only time will tell if this is possible in my design.

Once the battery pack behaves as I want, I will be looking into the charging side and then onto the primary goal of this, as money is tight in our household, we can't afford to get a full house system with 10kwh built and working, so we are looking to power our home ofice which uses half of our electricity at around 4kwh per day.

the biggest limiting factor, as for everyone on here im guessing will be getting enough 18650's to get the job done!
Welcome to the forum,
I am really interested what your BMS system is gone a look like.
Do you already now which part your are end up using arduino raspberry?

Lux_Gamer Wrote:Welcome to the forum,
Thank you

Lux_Gamer Wrote:I am really interested what your BMS system is gone a look like.
So am I :lol: Currently I have lots of ideas and am quite open about how it will work, I know the features I want, the sensors I anticipate I will need to achieve and a rough configuration that will give me what I want. But I am a long long long way away from having anything serious finished, Although the charge/discharger is coming along nicely and will be network interfaced using a ENC28J60 to allow the hardware to do all the data logging for each cell (I'm lazy and unorganized)

Lux_Gamer Wrote:Do you already now which part your are end up using arduino raspberry? Lux,
At this moment in time, the design is quite flexible if im honest with you. But in my current overall system plans I will be using predominantly Arduino's for the direct connections to the cells, with a raspberry pi providing monitoring and overall user interface over the LAN

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