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Gap between 18650's in plastic holders

Ive recently started my own 18650 powerwall and were logging all of the battery data via a label stuck to the 18650, allowing trackability of all data collected (Date Received, Voltage received at, battery pack it came from, mAh, charged to X voltage on Y Date, self discharge rate, Battery Pack assigned to, battery rejected, Internal resistance and anything else I can think of)

Now im thinking, as ive ordered a few hundred of the plastic things simalar to what pete uses - and a few thousand thermal labels (that tests show discolour at 70-80 degrees Wink ) for the barcodes, and have just realised that they may not fit together without a long session with the scissors.

So onto my first question - does anyone have the measurement of the showing face of the batteries of the clip (that blue in Pete's case), preferably in mm?

I would appreciate it as I currently have a couple hundred batteries to process, and would rather not have the labels get all scrunchy in the plastic clips as that will push my OCD to a level 10 alert :twisted:

The clips place the cells at 20 mm spacing - so the gap is just under 2 mm (depending on whether you clean the glue/gunk off each cell completely.

Cheers, Paul
Thanks for the reply paul, sorry I wasnt being clear enough, quickly edited a pic to try and highlight the measurement I need.

Hi Nathan,
I just measure it on the cells I have in their holders which look the same as the ones in the picture you posted and the gap is 50mm.


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