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Sony US18650VT Cell Specifications
Warning: The information in this thread was obtained from various sources on the Internet, including any datasheets linked below, and is provided for reference only. It is not guaranteed to be accurate. To prevent fire or personal injury, never charge or discharge a cell before verifying the information yourself using the original specifications sheet provided by the manufacturer.

Capacity:1300mAh Rated
Voltage:3.60V Nominal
Charging:4.20V Maximum
1300mA Standard
--- mA Maximum
Discharging:2.75V Cutoff
260mA Standard
--- mA Maximum
Description:Green Cell Wrapper
Black Insulator Ring
18650 Form Factor

Data References:
None. Please submit one!

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I just pulled 6 of these from a Dyson vacuum pack so I suspect a fairly high Max draw.

It was 21.6 V / 1080 mAh and 23.5 Wh,.. cables in the pack were 16AWG.

Mine are the 'T11' versions.... The interweb suggests they are 1100 mAh and rated for max 1C (10A) continuous draw down to a 2.5V cut.
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(02-05-2018, 08:52 PM)Detritalgeo Wrote: The interweb suggests they are 1100 mAh and rated for max 1C (10A) continuous draw down to a 2.5V cut.

Maybe I don't have a full understanding of ratings and draw current, but as I understand, a '1C' rating would be a 1.1A max draw, as I was under the impression 'C' means 'capacity' and you multiply the C by the C rating (in your case, 1.1Ah x 1 =1.1A)... Or, as another example, a 2,000mAh cell with a 5C discharge rating would be a 10A max discharge...

Please correct me if I am misunderstand the rating system for cells... Your assistance is very much appreciated!

Thank you kindly,

Tjis cells is VT T C11 : high drain power 20A, charge 10A

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I also have old dyson batteries.  how did you get the 2 cells out of the plastic holder that are held in by glue without applying force onto the cell to force it out.  advice appreciated tks Angel

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