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Sanyo UR18650F Cell Specifications
Just got a few of those F SANYO cells, green ring, 2400mAh according to the (probably 3rd party) battery pack. Those F cells really have messed things up!

(02-03-2019, 10:42 AM)thanar Wrote: Just got a few of those F SANYO cells, green ring, 2400mAh according to the (probably 3rd party) battery pack. Those F cells really have messed things up!

Yes I agree I have always thought the green ring Sanyos are UR18650FB 2400 mAh cells and the Blue/Cyan are the UR18650F 2500mAh.

But I got a bunch of the green ring ones and they plainly say UR18650F on them. Throws the database off by 100mAh.
They are testing out at between 2100mAh to 2300mAh with an IR of 51mΩ to 48mΩ.
I guess Sanyo lost the B stencil in this batch. Or maybe they want to see how much they can mess with the cell harvesting guys like us.
Or maybe because Panasonic got involved. Who knows. 

(05-01-2019, 08:01 AM)PritiAgarwal14 Wrote: How many kinds of batteries are there? Can someone please tell me?

I personally have 250 different model numbers in my database.

See the SLS database here for a more complete list.

For Info Google Drive

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 [Image: em2566%20(1)__19172.1521541365.jpg?c=2]

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Have pink UR18650Fs out of a SONY battery pack with BLACK ring and battery pack capacity of 4400mAh. Also got “F” imposed on negative end but no other letters.
To make things more complicated
I found 6 of them ur18650fH
this was on the pack:
43Wh /10.8V = 3.98Ah
3.98Ah /2 parallel = 1.99Ah per cell.
Tested not so bad:

Angry fighting with exls again to copy and past
Inshort: from 84 to 88 soh with a ir from 58 to 64

I don't think i am going to use them.
I found also other sanyo's with 60 ohm ish, could be normal for this chemistry? ur18650a
I found also a lot of sanyo's between 33-36 ohm. ur18650ea
No heaters found (5 or 6 out of ~400 okeSmile)

They got white insulator rings and there normal red color.
Pictures will follow.
Some trick:
Take a white board marker (Henry Ford: black is the best)and paint the whole cell if you don't find anything.
But if you find something it will help you to take youre troubles away.
The reversed UR logo denotes a ul recognised componant.
(09-25-2017, 07:30 AM)ChrisD5710 Wrote: I have bumped into similar cells, but these are marked UR18650FM not as text on the wrapper but as tiny bumps in the wrapper. You can only see this tiny text if you hold the cell into a bright light an turn the cell around until You spot the text.
It says "SANYO L "LR reversed, some kind of logo, I think", UR18650FM R1122", "N48B".

(06-28-2019, 10:23 PM)kc8adu Wrote: The reversed UR logo denotes a ul recognised componant.

as one of my podcast favorites liked to say ... "%#$'in prove it" ...

but seriously ... interesting insight you have ... any sources / references to this claim? (not doubting, just keen for ... more info!). thankyou.
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I am an iSDT fanbois.  also a proud owner of two SC608AC's .. totally recommended.
Found what I think is a UR18650F based on the ring color, but there's no discernible text on the cell wrapper at all. Pictures below:

There is text under the wrapper as follows:

And on the bottom:
(01-27-2019, 03:37 PM)rhedbatt Wrote: I also have URI18650F 2.4AH but in pink one (black top insulator) and its not getting hot when being charged unlike the red ones seems like a goodcell. URI18650F(pink)/URI18650FM(reflective red)/URI18650(red)
see pictures.

I've got 6 cells like the black topped one in your pictures, all heating once they get close to 4.2v - seems like they might be intended to top out at 4.1 rather than 4.2?
I have 5 UR18650F L37 with red ring and almost translucent red sleeve. Cells have LHTFJ15 112875 printed onto metal under the sleeve._
125 cells, 269,45Ah.

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