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LG LGDAS31865 Cell Specifications
(10-29-2019, 04:43 AM)Niqyek Wrote: You're absolutely right reckless -- my bad, I meant Volts
I drew this diagram of the circuit

However the batteries are all welded together
Any ideas?
I suppose at the end of the day I could just use electrical tape and tape some copper wires to the terminals of each battery...but that's not very elegant :|

Tear appart the nickel weldings and solder some copper wires (nickel strips and point welder would be the best but I assume you don't have access to that). Just make sure that you use batteries of the same type and charge them at the same voltage before assembly. I'd rather not use tape but you can give it a try if you don't have tin or soldering iron.
Maybe someone will be useful
6 cells 2009 m.d., 3 pairs - I did not separate them. iMAX B6
Initial voltage: 2,3 V

Sequential testing each pair: 
1. starting circle: charge CC-CV (1A, 4,20V; further similarly) - pause 22 days - discharge (1A, 3,00V);
2. capacity testing: charge (1A) - discharge (1A) - storage (1A);

capacity - 4180-4240 mAh;
efficiency - 0,90-0,91; 
residual capacity - 0,96;

Resume: very good cells [Image: smile.png]
I have 6 cells. 2009 model. From a lap battery pack. Its been 10 years and while charging lap says battery can't be charged.

Is there any way to revive them? Restore their life?
(06-10-2020, 03:46 AM)Roz_in Wrote: Is there any way to revive them? Restore their life?
Battery - most likely not (controller is blocked).
Cells - most likely yes. At least some of them are probably good and can be used.
They must be removed from the battery and individually charged.
If there is no charger or if the charger refuses to charge (residual voltage less than 2.5 V), you can use the old MP3-player or eBook for this (those that I have are charged from 0 V and can even charge inversely).

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