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Samsung ICR18650-22P Cell Specifications
(09-03-2019, 04:49 AM)a.ostojic Wrote: I have two testers and both have show high capacity. For example on same spot in nex round it measure 1899 which seems ok. I'm using Nor test which is discharge.
Hello a.ostojic,
The ICR18650-22P is a 2150mAh cell.

My suggestion is do a regular charge on the cells and check the voltage right after a completed charge. My suspicion is that it will be at 4.21 or possibly even 4.22. Might even be more. Make sure you use a good precision DVM.

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Hi. I think that i have fake cells. Because positive side on cells which are 1900mah measured have 3 holes like on picture what is showed in database. And those with too big cap have 4 holes.

Also alot of cells, for now 50 are shorted
Hi all, after all coveraations i decide to put 2 batteries on Imax 6 on discharge mode with 1 A current. Later check result and it is same like liitokala. Probably fake cell name?


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