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Unknown ASO/SZN Cell Specifications
I got a few of these as well, labeled "ASO GH4H081E11 805220 SZN", the capacities I got are in the range of 2200-2350 mah, not bad.
Color purple with white ring

(11-21-2017, 02:40 PM)howiegrapek Wrote: There are a few Chinese manufacturers (specifically Shenzhen Baiguan Battery Co., Ltd) who produces a few nice batteries.  
From what I can tell, SZN might be an abbreviation for Shenzhen - a manufacturing city in China - similar to LAX being short for Los Angeles, but I don't really know.

My images look very similar to Jeff's above, so I'm not going to post any.

I cannot find the spec sheets for this specific cell, but , they’re definitively not made by any of the so-called respected manufacturers – Sanyo, Panasonic, Sony (Japan), LG, Samsung (Korea), BAK (China), Moli (Canada/Taiwan) and others.  However, they seem pretty good for me.   If anyone can find spec sheets for this specific cell, I'd be interested in seeing them.

Here are some google links and findings I have found this far:

Some pretty cool photos on this link too:

I have a few of these CJ cells shown in the images in the links above also (in blue), but here.  Not exactly the same, but interesting.
the CJ cells are listed as aso/szn  - very curious.

I  have seen published capacity as:
"Nominal capacity - 2000mAh-3000mAh @ 0.2C Discharge"
and others show them to be "2600 mAh"

BTW, the ones I have Mine are purple wrapper with grey insulator bands.
Markings are:
aso gi1i151ef 811563 / barcode / szn
aso gi1i151ef 821153 / barcode / szn
aso gi1i151ef 821100 / barcode / szn
aso gi1i151ef 821142 / barcode / szn
aso gi1i151ef 81153 / barcode / szn
aso gi1i151ef 81153 / barcode / szn
aso gm2l291ef 800613 / barcode  / szn
aso gm2l291ef 800615 / barcode  / szn
aso gm2l291ef 800614 / barcode  / szn
aso gm2l291ef 800607 / barcode  / szn
aso gm2l291ef 800609 / barcode  / szn
aso gm2l291ef 800612 / barcode  / szn

It appears that the third number is the serial number, and the second number is the type of battery:
I have two distinct models, they are:

I pulled 12 of them from a couple of packs this weekend and they all tested really well:
Yes, It seems like the bms board crapped out on them and they sat for a long time.   Charged very well, low impedance, and good capacity.

Date 1st charged test  charger charger test slot Voltage at start of test Voltage at end of test Max Temp (Farenheit) Internal Cell Resistance (mOhms) Charge Capacity when first charged from standing voltage Time taken for full charge cycle
20171120 opda1 1 2.66 4.16 84 112 2354 5:26
20171120 opda1 2 2.84 4.16 85 101 2362 5:23
20171120 opda1 3 2.66 4.17 84 95 2404 5:36
20171120 opda1 4 2.56 4.15 83 102 2263 5:12
20171120 opda2 1 2.84 4.16 84 90 2245 5:11
20171120 opda2 2 2.55 4.17 85 109 2319 5:26
20171120 opda2 3 2.53 4.16 85 126 2235 5:17
20171120 opda2 4 2.61 4.16 84 135 2271 5:30
20171120 opda3 1 2.61 4.16 85 141 2300 5:31
20171120 opda3 2 2.67 4.16 85 100 2276 5:22
20171120 opda3 3 2.67 4.16 85 128 2303 5:32
20171120 opda3 4 2.53 4.17 85 107 2310 5:40

Smiles, Howie.

The "CJ" cells are Chang Jiang, here's a discussion topic about them
Here's another to add to the library, SZN GE4E081EJ with the Voltage and Watt-hours printed on the wrapper.
Using the Opus Test cycle, I measured 4.2V max with capacity of;
  • 2363 mA
  • 2357 mA
  • 2304 mA
  • 2305 mA
  • 2273 mA
  • 2285 mA

Here is another example...

ASO GJ4I121EH 806230 AZN

violet purple wrap with white/translucent shiny plastic insulator ring, and 5 spoke positive end

These are obviously from a generic Chinese pack. The pack had no thermal protection and no paper pads between pvc wrap and POS balance tabs.. yikes!

Test results from 4.2V to 3.0V, 1.0A CC/CV discharge were 2150 - 2250 mAh
The pack they came from was rated 14.4V / 4400 mAh... so they originally were 2200 mAh potentially
just found some as well according to the pack they should be 2600mAh
Hi mate
I just opened a pack for a HP Compaq 8510P which had 8 0f these cells and were marked ASOGL10821 EF 610140 SZN the color is purple with a grey top , also the pack was marked 14-8v 5200 mAh in 1S-1P so i assume they are 3-7v x 2-7mAh i haven't tested them yet but 2 were totally dead.

Sorry losing the plot it should be 2600 mAh .
(10-16-2017, 01:43 PM)watts-on Wrote:
(10-16-2017, 12:23 PM)ChrisD5710 Wrote: This one is Turquise with a White top ring.

ASO FN11024EH 606349


However, I can supply further information.

This cell comes out of a LENOGE replacement pack and more details about Lenoge here

So it seems that these cells ASO   SZN    marked, are Samsung cells rebranded by Lenoge.

Have any of You come across other LENOGE battery packs? If so, what cells have You found inside?


I also liberated some of those turquoise cells:


From this pack:

I wasn't holding out much hope for this pack but was reasonably pleased to get between 2100 -> 2200 mAh capacity from the cells. If the label on the pack is to be believed, then they should have been 2600mAh when new.

Ref post #4 from Watts-on.  Yes, I have some exactly the same color and similar ID.  Mine are labelled   'ASO FF10215EH 501852 SZN'.

After Three charge and discharge cycles, they come out in mAh as:-  2064, 2057, 2010, 1989, 2016, 1952, 2006, 2044.  I had one bad cell.

I have been unable to find a data sheet so far.
Also got some:
i just ripped apart my first pack i will get more information and pictures later but for now i thought i would leave a comment and let you all no i have a battery well five batterys that are good cells that i can tell just from my charger and on dead one. they are i wanna say baby blue or light blue or maybe even turq... but here is the info of the cell 

I’ve found these in aftermarket 4S1P packs.
Purple with white ring,
“ASO GI10509EG 610909”

The label (fragment @ lower right) states 14.8V, 2.2Ah / 33Wh

On an Lii-500, cells are yielding >94% of that.

(the edge numbers (x.x) are initial or “found” voltages, the center are resistance).
I just found some.. going to test on opus and treat it as a 4.35v battery. Will test one on 4.2 and then 4.35. I saw some specs that makes me believe these are LiHV cells.

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