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Unknown ASO/SZN Cell Specifications
(02-13-2019, 11:41 PM)paulz Wrote: I just found some.. going to test on opus and treat it as a 4.35v battery. Will test one on 4.2 and then 4.35. I saw some specs that makes me believe these are LiHV cells.

I would make completely sure of this. Charging to 4.35v does not yield a huge gain in capacity, and if the cell is not LiHV it may explode.
ASO  GK2K121EP  811930  SZN

6 cells recovered from an unused ML:4710 Acer battery pack 4400mAh 49Wh (generic NON-branded)

Wrapper = Mauve/Pale Purple
Insulator = Translucent /White

All cells seem to charge to 4.2v OK and discharge to 3.00v


I have ASO GI4I051EJ1 814808 (purple-white ring)

i bought them as 2600mAh high drain 20A.
These are 2000mAh rated. Do not trust what the laptop battery pack label says. I have opened up hundreds of generic packs now, and I can confidently say that 0% of them were labeled correctly; all of them were "hopelessly optomistic" and had a higher rating on their label than the cells they used inside. 

Also, these ASO cells are definitely not high drain cells. I don't have a data sheet, but I wouldn't push them past 2C. 

Lastly, these are very good generic cells. I'm doing a longevity test on these and you can follow my progress here:

Mike, can you change these from "Unknown" to "ASO" as the brand? I originally thought these were missing from the cell database, but they were mislabeled "Unknown."
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Check out my long-term capacity test of 18650s:
Also found some of 12 these GE20106EW in a notebook battery. The spec on the notebook pack say its about 2200mah. The IR looks very good and i will post the cap. results later

Got a Purple wrapper with White insulator ring, Model number GG20304EG, tested at 2154mAH on 1000mAh discharge on an Opus.
Mobilis in Mobili
Cell count as of 10/10/2019
234 Cells >2000mAh, >80% Rem. Cap., 14 day resting voltage >4.12V
191 Cells of Everything Else
68 In progress
Aiming for 8 cells tested a day
More info on my Google Drive
I found a few of these in laptop batteries. An initial capacity test with my Opus BT-C3100 yields roughly 2100mAh consistently.

(Ignore the handwriting at the bottom, that's my personal serial number system)

Do you have any data on these batteries 18650 2200 mAh EB17L11

the folks that figure these are 2600mah cells from the specs are wrong.
these are 2000-2200mah new.
aftermarket pack mfrs lie about their packs capacity.
this is why many such packs are at 75-80% wear level after the first cycle.
they clone the bms data and the chip calculates the capacity compared to the design capacity.
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Thought I'd add this serial to the list, will hopefully test in about a weeks time (if my budget supplies an imax b6).


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