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Panasonic NCR18650 Cell Specifications
(01-23-2020, 10:32 PM)mike Wrote:
(01-22-2020, 10:33 PM)base2 Wrote: i just started a NORM Test on my LiitoKala li-500 at 1000mA with 4 these.

The Littokala does not test at 1000mA. The highest current it tests at is 500mA.

So the 1000mA is for charging only? 

Yeah. When you set 300 or 500 discharge current will be 300/when you set 700 or 1000 discharge current will be 500. Charge current will as you set.
(09-11-2019, 08:11 PM)Eduardo Kang Wrote: Does anyone have any experience salvaging these cells?  I charged a few up last night at 700ma and they got up to ~45c once they were over 4v (4.01-4.1), I puilled them from the charger as soon as I noticed.
I just recycled 6 of these cells from a discarded laptop battery. The cells were manufactured wk 42 in 2015 (4y 4m old, i.e., not exactly brand new), and all had a voltage b/w 2.0 and 2.5V, which normally implies that you shouldn't expect the remaining capacity to be too high. I charged the cells @500mA using an XTAR VC2, and discharged them with él cheapo TP4056, starting at a bit over 1A, and decreasing to ca. 850mA at the end voltage, 2.7V.

Result: all cells yielded 2600mAh+ (2602, 2615, 2622, 2625, 2639, 2662), which is by far the best I have ever seen. I have recycled hundreds of 18650 cells, and i don't remember ever getting more than 2.2Ah. Granted, my sample size (6 cells) is small, yet, especially due to the relatively low starting voltages and the age of the cells, I would classify this model as excellent.

What comes to the temperatures, I would say that in normal charge/discharge tests, 45'C is definitely nothing to worry about, but 60'C probably indicates that there might be a puncture/contact b/w the roll layers, i.e., the cell is not safe to use or store in charged state.
Maybe someone will be useful
8 cells 2007 (0711), 4 pairs - I did not separate them. iMAX B6
Initial voltage: 2,0-2,1 V

Sequential testing each pair: 
1. starting circle: charge CC-CV (1A, 4,20V; further similarly) - pause 30 days - discharge (1A, 3,00V);
2. capacity testing: charge (1A) - discharge (1A) - charge (1A);
3. self-discharge testing: pause 50 days - discharge (1A).

capacity - 4648-4674 mAh;
efficiency - 0,90-0,91; 
residual capacity - 0,8;
self-discharge for 50 days - 6%.

Separate test for one pair in storage mode: step current charge up to V=3,85V - step current discharge to V=3,00V (init.cur.=1A)

capacity - 0,75 (ordinary in this mode - ~0,6);
self-discharge for 30 days - 1,7%

Resume: very good cells Smile
In general, all of the old Panasonic that I tested (CGR and NCR, 2003-2009 and even 1996 Smile ) were always good.
I am early in this process but getting a tentative feel for cells from laptop packs.

Found 6 of these cells in a Dell 60Wh pack (lower capacity Dell packs seem to use more brand variety where 65Wh+? have mostly been Samsung in my small sample of 10-15 packs).

The NCRs came out at ~2V while one cell with small bubbling (first for me out of ~80 cells) on the side, and it's partner which was visually good, were at 1V. Both discarded. The other cells tested to 2600-2700mAh which was fantastic. We'll see how they hold up over time and a couple more tests.

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