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kWeld - "Next level" DIY battery spot welder
I've received my kCap module today, looking forward to try it! Smile
I'm working on the assembly manual for that, please let me know if anything is unclear while you don't have it yet.
It's not very difficult, it just took me a minute to figure out that the input and output cables are supposed to be connected on the underside of the PCB.

The housing is a bit weird though. Let's assume I'm not totally stupid and I'm able to put together a puzzle with six pieces. There is a top piece, a bottom piece, two side pieces with feet that go through the bottom piece and two other side pieces with cutouts for the input and output cables to go through. And the ones with the cutouts have notches on either end that should fit into holes in the other side pieces. However I couldn't make it fit, there is no possible combination where the notches align with the holes while everything else still fits.

There is either a "D'Oh!" moment coming up and I'll be slighty embarrassed or there was a problem during manufacturing of these parts.

Also, the pictures show long standoffs to mount a fan. The fan is obviously not supposed to be included but are the standoffs part of the kit? I didn't have any in my kit. It's no big deal if they aren't part of the kit but if they are supposed to be included you should know that they are missing Smile
Your project may have some unique features, so please continue to post your progress. However, you may benefit from the existing research. Here are some links that may be useful to you.

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