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Battery Pack vertical strength
Hey guys,

New guy to this forum I've been doing my own research into 18650 battery packs, but have run into a couple or questions during my planning that I can't find answers to.

My plan:
  • Using the 1X1 battery holders like hbpowerwall uses I want to build 48V individual packs 14s6p
  • This would not be a cheap pack as I want to purchase new 3500mah cells to build this out of
  • Each pack will have a 14s battery balancer
  • I also want to have a 12v tap using the middle 4 cells that will be hooked up to cooling fans and a temp sensor that can turn the fans on and off as required
The questions:
  • I don't want my packs to short out and burst into flames so I want to fuse this properly
  • I've been looking at resistor style fuses and I'm thinking if I put one between each battery on the parallel strings this should protect everything, but I've read you should also put a fuse on the serial string as well on the end
  • I watched hbpowerwall's new video when he picked up a new pack on each end but he didn't have the top on the pack yet. I want to mount my packs horizontally with 3D printed brackets(sort of like a modular book shelf hanger). This would clip onto the cell holder clips but I don't know if the pack would flex too much under its own weight requiring some sort of strapping to give it all extra support
I hope this all makes some sort of sense, feel free to ask questions if something, or everything doesn't.  Maybe this will give others some inspiration or just leave you all wondering what the hell the idiot is thinking  Tongue Rolleyes

Anyway I look forward to any feedback others may have.
This video shows a 3D printed hanger (fits onto DIN rail)

The centre tap to power 12V fans etc is a bad idea, you're going to have multiple problems.
Keeping those cells charged (the balance circuits usually work by draining the other cells to match), and reducing their life from the extra cycling.

You can get 48V to 12V DC-DC converters, not sure what to recommend though.
Alternative is to have a small 12V battery just to power fans/electronics, which I what I plan to do myself.
Don't use the 1x1's use 4x5 Sooo much less swearing me using the 1x1's was madness
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