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Howdy from Florida
Hello I am new to all of this forum stuff, never tried it before, hope to be able to bounce some ideas off you all from time to time.

Have been working on ideas & plans for switching entire property to off grid power.

I have been researching all of my options when I ran across this you tube video of creating my own powerwall. I have since worked out the details to add it to my system design. I am slowly adding the supplies I will require to start the process. I have 2 barns I am going to try my systems on first before I start the main house.

I will be using a combination of wind, solar & perhaps some hydro or steam if everything works out.

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hi Tom

Welcome to the world of 18650's
Good luck with your project

Check out my YouTube channel it may be helpful

Cheers Rudi
Your busbar certainly will be buddy.. I hope you've got plenty of new subs from Jehu's call out and mine :Smile
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