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Sony US18650GR (G6) Cell Specifications
Keep stumbling upon these cells on ACER battery packs. So far, I have liberated around 50 cells, NONE of them being of ANY use! What's wrong with them SONYs?
(02-12-2018, 07:26 PM)thanar Wrote: They were sitting at around 1.5V for quite some time so had to go slowly on them.

^^ there is your mistake there. The chemisty changes when you drop below the cut off voltage, the bigger the drop and the period of time within that drop zone will determine how badly the chemisty has been changed, most people that know what they are doing will throw away batteries that test below 2.5v on the inintal test. Batteries that have altered chemistry are unpredictabity and from a safety point of view, best to avoid.

If you have a lot of recoverable cells like you said then the best thing to do is change your source, if purchasing of eBay beware a lot of people selling laptop batteries in bulk, often they will sell them as 'untested', generally they say this because they know full well that the batteries in them are not very good, they normally pocket the good ones, you can quickly learn from a batch which are good and what are bad even before opening them, for example, if you have HP M06 and 3 laptop batteries test faulty out of 10, then the chances are the rest will fail to because they have come from the same source.
(09-17-2017, 09:17 PM)TAGG Wrote: ...
G2 1600mAh
will add picture when i find one. I am 99% sure that i have some...

I have eight US18650GR G2H that I just liberated from a Apple clamshell ibook battery pack from circa 2000.

Pack cover has the following text:
iBook Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery
model no M7426
© 1999 Apple Computer
Made in Japan

There are no watt, amp, or volt specs on the machine or pack itself, however Everymac says this model ibook had a 45 wh pack, so roughly  5.625 Wh per cylinder.

(ed i just realized there are already pictures of G2H in the actual G2 thread... )

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